It would be nice to simply select a holiday with no regard to the cost and just think about what you want to do or where you want to stay. But for the vast majority of us, holidays are something done within a budget. So how can we get the holiday we want but also work within our budget? Here are a few top tips.

The booking

Where possible, book as early as you can. The very best prices are often available as soon as a flight is released or the date opens up at the resort so being ready with your ideal holiday dates and the money for the deposit can get you the best possible deal. There are also tools on some websites that offer a ‘best time to book’ to give you an idea when you should be looking for deals based on when you are travelling.

Travel off-peak and you will also help keep costs down. Look for those booking in the middle of the night and you can see a significant saving. It might seem like hard work, especially if you have kids but night travel can work in your favour – their body clocks tell them to go to sleep and this can make for a more peaceful journey.

The airport

Most of us will look to book a flight into the nearest airport to where we want to stay. But you can make a saving by booking a flight to a nearby airport, especially if you look into public transport and it is no great job to get where you are staying from that airport. The big airports are always the most in demand and therefore the most expensive while nearby, smaller airports can help grab a bargain.

If you are leaving your car at the airport while you are away, pre-book the parking and you will make a saving. If you leave it until the day you arrive, you will pay the highest fee. So as soon as you know you want the parking, get it booked.

The extras

As part of their job, travel agents always offer extras to try and get you to spend more money – but consider it carefully before saying yes to things. Little features such as priority boarding or seat selection might be important for you but if you can manage without them, do it. It will save you money that you can use on the actual holiday.

Weigh your luggage before you leave for the hotel to avoid extra charges for having too much baggage. Make sure you have the right size and weight for all luggage and that you conform to this or you will be paying out money before you leave the ground.

Be your own tour guide

If there are sights to see while on holiday, there will often be offers of tour guides to take you there but these inflate the price. A little research beforehand and a good guide book can often make for a great tour of a location and you get to see what you want, not what the group wants.