A great big welcome from all of us here at Scaevola Travel! We hope this post gives you a little taste of what we are all about and gives you some big ideas for your next journey. Let’s take a very brief look at a few of these destinations and why we think they should make your 2017/18 travel wishlist.

Siberia, Russia

There are two very different experiences to be had in Siberia dependent upon when you want to Travel. Winter there offers amazing adventures and sights with harsh and relentlessly cold weather you will see Lakes such as Lake Baikal, freeze meters deeps and get to sample the great outdoors as well that saunas and Ice Plunge pools galore to rejuvenate yourself. Summer however, is another story entirely with destinations such as the Galapagos of Russia offering up a warm temperature and relaxing atmosphere alongside some fantastic wildlife.

Mie Prefecture, Japan

Visit the Kansai Region and you certainly won’t be short of history, culture, nature and natural beauty. With natural parks taking up 35% of the land in Mie Prefecture there will be plenty of opportunity to get closer to nature and seek an abundance of outdoor opportunities. With exciting cities and towns in this area, visitors also get chance to embrace the culture of the area with a number of castles, museums and shrines in the areas as well as being able to relax whilst enjoying hot springs such as those you will find in Toba.

Andaman Islands, India

These islands are a dream for those with an interest in marine life as the pristine beaches are brimming with all the sea life you can wish for, so snorkelling and scuba diving tours really should be a must for your trip to this area of India. The thick tropical forests in the area are home to some extremely rare bird species so for getting close to wildlife these islands are one of the most beautiful settings around.